Investment opportunities in Algeria

Investment opportunities in Algeria

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Algeria has different investment opportunities in the following sectors.

Fishing Sector

Annual production estimated at 150 000 tons composed of small pelagic (sardine and anchovy). Fish caught are principally sardines, bonito, mackerel smelt and sprats.

Opportunities offered by the sector:

  • Acquisition of fishing ships;
  • Acquisition of fishing materials and equipments;
  • Rehabilitation and re-mechanisation of ships;
  • Support units for production means (means of careening, lifting, drying ships,
  • Construction and repairing ships and manufacturing of fishing materials);
  • Support units for production (cold chain, refrigerated warehouses and tunnels of
  • Freezing, transformation and distribution);
  • Marine aquaculture;
  • Continental aquaculture;
  • Saharan aquaculture acquisition

Mining Sector

Algeria is rich in minerals which are under exploited, the country has many iron, lead, zinc, copper, calamine, antimony and mercury mines.

Financial Sector

The non-bank sector remains less developed, although recent reforms in the field of regulation and supervision have laid the foundations for leasing, factoring, and venture capital hence creating room for investment.

The Algerian equity market remains relatively shallow, with only two companies being listed in the Course Algeria

Opportunities to recourse to financial guarantees institutions: Fund for Guarantees Credits to Investment FGAR

Tourism Sector

There is need for modern hotel accommodation facilities as there ismodest level of tourism attributable to poor hotel accommodations

Transport sector

  • Modernizing and expanding railway
  • Improving urban transport including the implementation of tramways across 14 cities
  • Modernizing the airport sector

Energy Sector

Investment Perspectives:

In order to succeed in its program of renewable energies, Algeria is endeavoring to expand its manufacturing capacity through the implementation of a network of subcontractors in the area.

  • In the field of photovoltaic solar energy, it is expected to provide by 2013 a level of integration of the Algerian industry of 60% and will reach 80% in the period 2014-2020, including the achievement of manufacturing of solar panels, silicon, inverters, batteries, transformers, cables and other equipment used in the construction of the plants.

Opportunities in thermal solar energy

With regard to thermal solar energy, it is expected an integration rate a of 50% for the period 2014-2020.

  • The construction of a plant of mirrors manufacturing;
  • The construction of a plant of coolant and energy storage equipment manufacturing;
  • Construction of a factory for the manufacture of the equipment of power unit;
  • Development of the activity of engineering and the capacity of design, procurement and realization

Opportunities in wind energy

  • The construction of a manufacturing plant of masts and wind turbine rotors;
  • The creation of a network of national subcontracting for the manufacture of equipment of the nacelle;

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