Africa Tropical forests on decrease

30% of the world’s tropical forests are in Africa mainly in two blocks: the Upper Guinea forest in West Africa and the larger Congo Basin Forest.

Over 50% of plant and 30% of animal species found in Upper Guinea forest are only found in this forest including the unique Pygmy Hippo.

The Congo Basin constitutes 18% of the world’s rainforest, making it the second biggest rainforest block after the Amazon. The Congo Basin Forest occupies about 1.8 million square kilometre and is one of the world’s richest biodiversity concentrations and is home to over 1,000 bird (36% of which are endemic), 400 mammal, and 10,000 plant species (30% of which are endemic). The forest also provides subsistence for more than 75 million people. The UN estimates that, unless its destruction is halted, 66% of the Congo Basin rainforest will be lost by 2040.