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Why is Africa Growing Fast?

Why is Africa Growing Fast?

Africa is growing as it is endowed with abundant   of   resources of economic value which can be exploited   to transform Africa from   being the world’s poorest inhabited continent to a key player in the global economy.  Africa‘s abundant resources include the following among others

  • Over 1 billion youthful  population
  • Abundant natural resources
  • A  beautiful  mix grill of cultures
  • Astonishing historical sites
  • A continent on  the equator  and yet with varying climatic conditions
  • The plenty of  raw materials  from agriculture sector
  • The ever welcoming people of Africa

All indicators show that Africa has started developing its abundant resources in order to take its rightful position as a key player in the global economy. Africans are taking a key role in developing Africa as they understand the African issues much better.

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