List of 11 Resources on Africa Economic Performance

List of 11 Resources on Africa Economic Performance

Africa is endowed with agricultural commodities, mineral resources, energy sources and many other natural resources.

For faster economic growth, Africa needs to exploit the resources it has for sustainable economic growth.

The exploitation of resources will to a large degree address the   poverty and unemployment situation on the continent.

Africa has to address the challenge of lack of capacity to add value to the resources it has before exporting them. Africa currently exports cheap raw materials and imports expensive processed goods.

Processed goods will enable Africa to fetch better prices for its goods from the international market.

The dependence of exporting cheap unprocessed resources has therefore to come to an end. The economic growth rates averaging over 4% is good news for Africa.

The trend for faster economic growth is  expected to continue if   proper   economic programs to address poverty and unemployment are put in place.

The high economic growth in Africa is expected to attract a lot of domestic and foreign investments.

The information about economic growth of Africa is summarized as follows;

Africa Debt Burden

Africa Foreign Direct Investment

Consumption Per Capita in Africa

Continental GDP per capita

Doing Business Ranks in Africa

GDP of African Countries

Top 20 countries with highest FDI compared

Top 20 countries with highest per capita income

Top 20 countries with highest urbanization rates

Urbanization rates in Africa