Active Volcanoes in Africa

Active Volcanoes in Africa

Cameroon volcano

Mount Cameroon volcano is one of Africa’s largest and most active volcanoes. It is also one of the few volcanoes with dated historic eruptions. The volcano is the most active on a hot spot chain with a height of 4095 meters. The last eruption took place in 2012.

Coordinates: 4.22°N / 9.17°E

Nyamuragira volcano

Nyamuragira is one of Africa’s most active volcanoes standing at 3,058 meters. It is located about 25 km north of Lake Kivu in the East African Rift Valley North West of Nyiragongo volcano with volume of 500 cubic km. The last eruption took place in March 2012.

Coordinates: 1.41°S / 29.2°E

Nabro volcano

Nabro is a volcano with 2 calderas of 8 and 15 km diameter, the larger of which is breached to the South West. Nabro strato volcano sits on the crystalline basement of the Danakil horst at a height of 2,218 meters. The last eruption took place in 2011.

Coordinates: 13.37°N / 41.7°E

Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano

Ol Doinyo Lengai is a strato volcano rising at 2, 890 meters from the East African Rift Valley depression to a summit elevation of 2,890 meters. It is the only active volcano known to erupt carbonatite lava. The last eruption took place in 2007.

Coordinates: 2.75°S / 35.9°E

Erta Ale volcano

Erta Ale volcano is a large basaltic shield volcano in the Erta Ale volcanic range in the central northern Danakil depression in Ethiopia. It’s famous the lava lake which has been active during most of the past decades since it was first discovered. The last eruption took place 2005

Coordinates: 13.6°N / 40.66°E

Mount Nyiragongo, D.R of Congo

Mount Nyiraggongo is a large strato volcano near Lake Kivu at the eastern border of DR Congo with Rwanda in the Virunga National Park and is one of the most active volcanoes in the whole African continent standing at 3,479 metres. It has a 1.2 km diameter summit caldera containing the world’s most active and largest lava lake. The last eruption took place on 17th January 2002.

Coordinates: 1.52°S / 29.25°E



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