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About us


Our story

Fortune of Africa (FOA) is the first-of-its-kind information platform created to illuminate Africa so that Africans and other stakeholders can see the potential of Africa.

FOA is managed by a team made up of enterprising young graduates, seasoned researchers, business executives, and Information Technology professionals. The team is committed to providing up-to-date information for the development of Africa. The involvement of the young graduates in this project will in a way contribute to the development of human capacity to manage Africa’s development process. The development process of Africa has to take the following into account;

  • Development of an effective strategy and plan for the sustainable development of Africa.
  • Developing human resources for the management of the development process
  • Development and implementation of an effective information management system that ensures information on Africa is readily available to investors, development partners, and visitors to Africa for use in decision-making.
  • Sustainable natural resource exploitation
  • Corporate governance

The importance of Africa to the rest of the world was highlighted by Andrew Mitchell as follows;

Africa is a continent of innovation, enterprise and opportunity…In short, not only is Africa open for business is also a place of huge business opportunity…. As a single market of one billion people, Africa could rival China or India.” -Andrew Mitchell, Secretary of State for International Development, UK 2010-2012.

FOA is committed to highlighting the opportunities and challenges of Africa to show the competitive advantage of Africa in the global economy. Africa has unexploited resources including minerals, fresh water, energy, biological resources, and one billion people.

It is important to note that over the last few years, the wind of change has been blowing across Africa. The development of Africa has become a regular agenda item during international forums. Africans have accepted their responsibility to develop Africa and firm commitment to the same cause is being exhibited by development partners and African leaders. The global economic crisis in some way was a blessing to Africa as it made global business leaders realize the importance of Africa.

We are all happy to note that Africa is on an increasing scale receiving visits from global leaders and other visitors who are on a mission to establish close relationships with Africa. FOA will therefore ensure current information is available when required by the visitors.

The FOA approach has been;

  • Commitment to facilitate the development of Africa  through the provision of updated information
  • Decision to  apply IT in the provision of information
  • Selecting of IT platform
  • Selection and training of the team
  • Designing of Fortune of Africa website
  • Collecting  and uploading information
  • Testing of the website

Get involved

Africa is our motherland and we therefore have a responsibility to develop her. The developed Africa together with her children will for sure play their rightful role in the global economy. President Obama made our responsibility to Africa clear when he said the following in his recent visit to Africa.

“Ultimately I’m a big believer that Africans are responsible for Africa.” Barack Obama, USA president

We therefore have to develop Africa sustainably as no one else will do it for us.

Let us join together in the spirit of ‘Harambee Africa’ to develop Africa.