Uganda’s Future

Uganda is among the fastest growing economies in Africa with the aspirations of Ugandans summarised as follows;

Ugandans aspire to live and work in a peaceful, secure, harmonious and stable beautiful country where the rule of law prevails and respect for fundamental human rights observed.

Ugandans want a corruption free nation with strong democratic structures and systems with demonstrated serration of powers for checks and balances.

Ugandans aspire to have unity in diversity and equal opportunities irrespective of gender, tribe, ethnicity or religion enshrined in the hope of a progressive and developmental culture that blends traditional beliefs and national values.

Ugandans desire to be resourceful and prosperous nationals contributing to national development through gainful employment, savings and investments while accessing affordable quality health and education services that are globally competitive.

Ugandans would like to live in clean and well planned urban/rural settlements with world class infrastructure and services for a society free of hunger with food surplus and strong social safety nets for the vulnerable groups.

Ugandans aspire for a morally upright God fearing society with values of love, care, fairness, justice, respect, truth and hope.

The future of Uganda has been summarized has been articulated in the Uganda Vision 2040 that was approved by Cabinet in 2007. The vision provides development paths and strategies to operationalize Uganda’s Vision statement which is “A Transformed Ugandan Society from a Peasant to a Modern and Prosperous Country within 30 years”.

The future of Uganda is summarized as below

Uganda Vision 2040

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)