Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas

The church stands on a hill, Namungoona, on the outskirts of Kampala.

Namungoona Kampala Area is known as the head quarter of Orthodox Church in Uganda

History of Orthodox church in Uganda
The founders of Orthodoxy in Uganda were four men, one of them Obadia Basajjakitalo. His grandson is Jonah, present Metropolitan of Kampala and of all Uganda.

In 1972 in Alexandria for the first time in history three native Ugandans were consecrated Orthodox bishops. One of them was the enlightener of Uganda Spartas Rebuen Mukasa, named the bishop Christophor Nilopolian. He died in 1982 as the prelate of this church.

By this time they joined the Alexandria Patriarchy there were more than 10 thousand followers of Makasa and Basadjikitalo in Uganda.

Starting from 1995, the first African became Metropolitan — the Metropolitan of Kampala and the entire Uganda Theodoros Nankyama. From 1997, he was followed by Jonah, grandson of Obadia Basadjikitalo.

Uganda currently has 60,000 Orthodox Christians