Ndere Troupe Center








Ndere Troupe Centre is located in Ntinda about 2 km from Ntinda trading centre. Ndere Troupe is a cultural development organisation that was founded in 1986 by Rwangyezi Stephen for universal unity through music, dance and drama.

In order to help it achieve its objective, the centre has acquired a guest house, an amphitheatre, an auditorium and a bar and restaurant that are open throughout the week.

The Ndere Troupe Centre is the nerve centre for than 1600 Uganda Development Theatre Association Groups. The theatre groups across the country educate and entertain people through their music, dance and drama.

The centre organise trainings and workshops for members at Ndere Centre and other places across the country.  The centre hosts bi-annually a grand festival which provides members a platform for national and international exchange.

Artists and the community
Ndere Centre as a “The Home of Art” welcomes all artists and people of different walks of life to use, participate and bring the variety of art and culture to the centre. The Centre every year organizes great Christmas Programs.

The great work of the centre has been sponsored by the Austrian Development Agency

Services by Ndere Troupe
Ndere Troupe performs at graduations, weddings, anniversaries, dinners, launches, conferences, expos, festivals, opening ceremonies, state functions.