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Kampala Casino


It has been one of the popular gambling and entertainment spots in Uganda Since July 1994 . The staff is well trained and groomed to offer an unparalleled service with charm and courtesy at all times. The décor is richly modern and comfortable. Kampala Casino has 14 Gaming tables: 7 American Roulette with Min of 1.000 and 5.000 UGX Blackjack, from 5.000 UGX Min Pontoon, from 5.000 UGX Min 3 Card Poker From 5.000 UGX Min 5 Card Stud Poker from 2.000 Min 40 slot Machines (reel, video reel, and video draw Poker Machines).
Kampala Casino is conveniently located in the heart of down town Kampala on 2nd Floor Pan Africa House Plot 3 Kimathi Avenue.