Kabaka’s Trail

The Kabaka’s Trail is a community tourism project to introduce visitors to the secret history of the Buganda people. Six sites around Kampala make up the trail, including several tombs, a prison and a waterfall.

Kabaka’s Trail Activities
The Kabaka’s Trail is a unique journey which takes you through the kingdom of Buganda’s rich heritage including the following among others;

  • Kasubi Tombs where the Buganda’s former four kings were buried
  • Naggalabi Buddo Coronation site where Buganda’s kings are crowned
  • Katareke Prison where the Kabaka’s imprisoned and punished law breakers
  • Wamala King’s Tombs where King Wamala was burried.
  • Nnamasole Kanyange Tombs linking mother and son forever
  • Ssezibwa Falls where the Buganda Kabakas (kings) used to tour. A hydro-electric dam is proposed on this site
  • Nnamasole Baagalayaze Tombs and Cultural Centre a place of hope, celebration and learning.

The visitors are also go through the experience an authentic, traditional culture with dance, music, craft making, spiritual healing, storytelling, traditional herbal medicines and traditional food preparations.