Investment Climate in Tunisia

Tunisian Government is actively encouraging investment in the country and has placed a priority on attracting foreign direct investment in key industry sectors for instance; call centres, electronics manufacturing, aerospace and aeronautics, automotive parts and textile manufacturing.

The government encourages export-oriented and screens any potential to minimize the impact of the investment on domestic competitors and employment.

Regulatory Framework

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA)

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency ‘ FIPA-Tunisia ‘ is a public institution set up in 1995 under the supervision of the Ministry of Development and International Cooperation.

FIPA-Tunisia is in charge of providing all the support needed by foreign investors and of promoting foreign investment in Tunisia.

Investment Code (Law 1993-120)

Investment in Tunisia is regulated by the Investment Code amended in January 2009 aims to foster job creation, reduce regional disparities and develop infrastructure in the west and south-central regions of Tunisia.

Legislation for investment in Tunisia

Legislation contains two major hurdles for potential FDI:

  • Foreign investors are denied national treatment in the agriculture sector. Foreign ownership of agricultural land is prohibited, although land can be secured through long-term lease (up to 40 years). However, the government actively promotes foreign investment in agricultural export projects.
  • For onshore companies outside the tourism sector, government authorization is required if the foreign capital share exceeds 49%, and can be difficult to obtain.

Investment Climate in Tunisia has been summarized to include the following

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