Investment Climate of Togo

Togo is among the world’s largest producers of phosphate and Togo seeks to develop its carbonate phosphate reserves. The government is implementing structural reforms to demonstrate its openness to foreign investment.

Regulatory framework

The Chambre De Commerce Et D’industrie Du Togo (CCIT)

CCIT’s intention is to develop and further the interests of local companies and other businesses in Togo.

Investment code 1990

The code was designed to encourage foreign investment. The investment code is being improved in the short- to medium-term, and some revisions have already occurred, particularly with regard to incentives.

Investment Climate in Togo has been summarized to include the following

Investment Authority of Togo

Investment guarantees in Togo

Investment incentives in Togo

Investment opportunities in Togo

Natural resources of Togo

Development partners of Togo

Double Taxation Agreements with Togo

Exports of Togo

International Trade Agreements with Togo

Trading partners of Togo

BRVM Regional stock exchange

Shipping Status

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