Towns and Cities in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of Africa’s most rapidly urbanizing countries, with a population base of 48 million, a high population growth rate of 2.8percent and total urbanization rate of 27.3% of the total population.

It is projected that by the year 2040 Tanzania’s population will have grown to 100 million, of which 50 percent will be in urban areas.

Tanzania has one capital city being Dodoma other small to medium size cities and towns.

The main cities of Tanzania includeArusha, Mwanza and Dar es Salaam

The major towns and cities of Tanzania have been summarized as follows

Arusha Town
Dar Es Salaam
Dodoma Town
Kigoma Town
Mbeya Town
Morogoro Town
Moshi Town
Mwanza Town
Tabora Town
Tanga Town
Zanzibar Town

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