Tourism Sector

The Tourism Sector is one of the main sources of foreign exchange earnings in Tanzania with annual growth rate of about 30%. More than 44% of Tanzania’s land area is covered with game reserves and national parks.

Regulatory Framework

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism
The ministry is responsible for conservation of natural and cultural resources as well as development of tourism in Tanzania. The Ministry’s functions are assigned to five technical divisions namely; wildlife, forestry, beekeeping, fisheries, tourism and antiquities. The Government’s role is therefore to regulate, promote, facilitate and provide very conducive environment for the sustained growth and development of tourism.

The National Tourism Policy (NTP) 1999
The NTP was formulated against the background of the recognition of the fact that Tanzania’s tourism has great potential ranging from natural resources to a diversity of cultures and numerous archaeological sites. The policy seeks to assist in effort to promote the economy and livelihood of people, poverty alleviation through encouraging the development of sustainable and quality tourism in the country.

Objectives of the policy

The objectives of the policy include the following;

  • To increase revenue and contribution of tourism to foreign currency earnings and the gross domestic product.
  • To create employment and investment opportunities through the development of private entrepreneurship in the tourism sector.
  • Enhance regional and international tourist linkages in order to boost the Tanzania economy.
  • To stimulate the development of infrastructure, support institutions and linkages among the institutions related to tourism.

Tanzania Tourist Board
Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) was established under the Tanzania Tourist Board Act of 1992 to promote and develop all aspects of the tourist industry in Tanzania. The Act states that the Board shall promote and develop all aspects of the tourist industry in Tanzania and in particular without prejudice. TTB is involved in a number of initiatives including awareness creation and promotion of the tourism.

The tourism sector in Tanzania has been summarized to include the following

Tourism Sector Profile

Culture in Tanzania

Forests in Tanzania


Hot Springs in Tanzania

Islands in Tanzania

Kingdoms in Tanzania

Lakes in Tanzania

Mountains in Tanzania

National Parks

Hotel and apartment accommodation in Tanzania

Rivers in Tanzania

Infrastructure Support for Tourism in Tanzania

Eco-tourism in Tanzania

Hotels in Tanzania

Waterfalls in Tanzania

Investment opportunities in tourism sector

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