Tanzania Sectors

The economy of Tanzania has continued to perform strongly, with current growth rate at 7%. This is driven largely by communications, transport, financial intermediation, construction, agriculture and manufacturing.

In the medium term, growth will be supported by the ongoing investments in infrastructure and the projected good weather conditions. Also, these medium-term growth projections are backed by continued investments in the recently discovered natural gas reserves in Tanzania and the expansion in public investments (including the ongoing construction of USD 1.2 billion gas pipeline from Mtwara to Dar es Salaam), as well as the related investments aimed at stabilising power generation in the country.

The country has created a conducive environment for attracting both local and foreign investments into the country.

The detailed information on the Tanzanian economy is organized under the following;

Agriculture Sector

Animals and Fisheries

Education Sector

Energy Sector

Health Sector

ICT Sector

Tourism Sector

Transport Sector

Real Estate Sector

Financial Sector

Public Sector


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