Tanga Town


Tanga Town is an old town on the coast of Northern Tanzania which is along the coast of Indian Ocean near the border with Kenya. It has a railroad terminus connecting much of the northern Tanzanian interior with the sea and Dar es Salaam the capital of Tanzania. It is the administrative capital of Tanga Region.


The population of Tanga Town was 242,640 in 2012.

Tourist attraction

The key attractions include the following;

  • Amboni Caves located within few kilometers from the Town.
  • Galanos hot springs
  • Saadani National Park
  • Toten Island
  • Urithi Tanga Museum
  • Tanga War Graves and Memorials
  • Ndumi Village defense works
  • Mwarongo sand beaches and protected coastal mangroves.
  • Tanga cultural heritage tourism
  • Usambara Mountains and Pangani.

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