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The United Republic of Tanzania is a country in East Africa in the African Great Lakes region bordered by Kenya and Uganda to the north; Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west; and Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to the south. The country’s eastern border is formed by the Indian Ocean.

Tanzania has a total area is 945,087 including 61,000 sq. km of inland water.

Tanzania has a tropical type of climate and is divided into four main climatic zones notably: the hot humid coastal plain; the semi-arid zone of the central plateau; the high-moist lake regions; and the temperate highland areas. In the highlands, temperatures range between 10ºc and 20ºc during cold and hot seasons respectively. The rest of the country has temperatures usually not falling lower than 20ºc. The hottest period spreads between November and February (25ºc – 31ºc) whereas the coldest period is often between May and August (15ºc – 20ºc).

The climate of the islands of Zanzibar is tropical and humid. Average maximum temperature is about 30۫۫۫۫ºC recorded during the hot season November to March, while average minimum temperature is 21ºC, recorded during the cool season of June to October. Humidity rate is high ranging from 50’s to 80’s and slightly higher in Pemba than Unguja.

Tanzania is endowed with outstanding topographical features which include the Mt Kilimanjaro” the Roof of Africa”, Lake Tanganyika the largest lake in Africa, lush forests, game parks, natural lakes and Islands among others.

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