Mwanza Town


Mwanza is Tanzania’s second largest town and the economic heart of the Lake Region. Mwanza is located partly in Nyamagana District and partly in Ilemela District in the extreme northern part of Tanzania Mainland dominated by Africa’s largest lake that is Lake Victoria.

It lies on the lake peninsula and is surrounded by rocky hills and the land is dominated by granite outcrops some of which are very impressive.


Mwanza has population of 1.2 million and it is Tanzania’s second largest town following Dar es Salaam.

Tourism attractions

The tourist attractions include the following;

  • Lake Victoria
  • Naturally arranged rocks set on top of each other.
  • Ukerewe Island and Rubondo home of a national park with diverse natural attractions, rich in birds and a wonderful beach.
  • Historical museums of Halwego Handebezyo (in Ukerewe) and the Sukuma Museum in Bujora (in Mwanza)

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