Morogoro Town


Morogoro Town lies in the agricultural heartland of Tanzania and is a centre of farming in the southern highlands.  Morogoro Town lies at the base of the Uluguru Mountains part of the Eastern Arc chain which makes it an important stop for hiking trips to the Uluguru Mountains.


The population of Morogoro Town was 250,902 in 2012.

Tourism attractions

  • Uluguru Mountains which are knownfor their ancient forests
  • The indigenous Luguru tribe offers cultural tourism programmes around the Ulugurus and outside Morogoro
  • Chilunga cultural Tourism.
  • Hululu waterfall site.
  • Lukwangulu Plateau
  • Maasai village with the colourful tribe and partake in their traditional meals and markets.
  • Kibwe waterfall


  • Morogoro is served by a railway station
  • Public transport buses called daladala are available for transport within the town.

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