Mbeya Town


Mbeya is a town located in southwest Tanzania. Mbeya is the first large urban settlement encountered when travelling overland from the neighbouring nation of Zambia.


The population of Mbeya, Tanzania was 291,649 in 2012.


  • There are game watching safaris and also fishing in the mountains to the south that is mainly in Madibila and Rujewa.
  • Mbeya is the best place in Tanzania for hiking and forest walking which is aided by the cooler climate, friendly villages and pure clear water in the river catchments near Tukutu and Mountains of Poroto.
  • Botanical excursions are also promoted due to the presence of the natural flower garden at Kitulo.


Mbeya can be reached by bus services along tarmac roads or via the Tazara railway line from Dar es salaam.

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