Investment climate in Tanzania

These include an excellent geographical location that is six land locked countries depend on Tanzania ports as their cheapest entry and exit ports, arable land, world renowned tourist attractions that is Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro and the Spice islands of Zanzibar, natural resources, a sizeable domestic and sub regional market; a wide local raw materials supply base; abundant and inexpensive skills, assurance of personal safety, warm friendly people and a suitable market policy orientation

There the following are the reasons for investing in Tanzania;

  • Tanzania is an entry point and gateway for trade into Eastern, Southern and Central Africa due to her favourable geographical location.
  • High degree of investment security because of unparalleled political stability
  • Lucrative investment opportunities in infrastructure, privatisation and value adding facilities.
  • Business-friendly macroeconomic stability with low inflation (4.2%), stable exchange rates supported by unrestricted and unconditional transferability of profits, loan repayments, emoluments, royalties, fees and changes
  • Investment guarantees and settlement of disputes.
  • Simplified bureaucracy, streamlined through the acclaimed services of the Tanzania Investment Centre which is a one stop-facilitation agency of government serving registered investors and businesses
  • Successful economic liberalization measures commended by both the World Bank
  • A well-balanced package of incentives to investors with additional negotiated benefits to strategic investors
  • Tanzania was rated as number one investment destination with the highest sales growth by the UNIDO´s Report of Foreign Investor Perception Survey, November 2003

Regulatory Framework

Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania
The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, 1977 is the mother of all laws of the country. It has set up an independent judiciary among other organs of the state and does recognize the sacred right of individuals to acquire and own property.

Tanzania Investment Act, 1997 (No. 26 of 1997)
This is an act to guide investment activities in Tanzania, to provide for more favourable conditions for investors. It provides definitions for inter alia local investor, foreign investor and local capital.

The investment climate in Tanzania has been summarized to incude the following

Tanzania Vision 2025

Zanzibar Vision 2020

Investment Opportunities in Tanzania

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Tax climate

Investment Facilitation

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