Economy of Tanzania

Gross Domestic Product 2012

GDP (purchasing power parity): $73.5 billion
GDP real growth rate: 6.5%
GDP per capita (PPP): $1,700
Currency: Tanzania shillings (TZS)
GDP composition by sector 2012
Agriculture: 27.1%
Industry: 24.1%
Services: 48.7%
Inflation: 15.3%

Business Languages
The commercial languages in Tanzania include;
• Kiswahili
• English
• Arabic

Transport in Tanzania is mainly by road, supplemented by rail. Tanzania’s rail system covers over 2,720 kilometres, 91,049 kilometres of road and water transport on Lake Victoria, Malawi, Tanganyika and Indian Ocean. Air transport with over 368 airports in the country.

The biomass energy resource which comprises fuel-wood and charcoal from both natural forest and plantations accounts for 93 of total energy consumption. Petroleum, hydropower and coal are the major source of commercial energy in the country.

Challenges in Tanzania
• Health care challenges
• Development challenges as a result of high youth unemployment
• Insufficient accountability in the public sector
• Lack of commitment of public servants
• Inherited institutional design and the resultant governance problems

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