Investment climate in Sudan

Sudan is an entrance to Africa from the East. It’s location on the Red Sea makes it the centre of international markets; Middle East, Far East, Asia, Europe, and the USA as well as the recipient of ships crossing the into the Red Sea through the Suez Canal.

Sudan is classified as number two of the most attractive countries for investment in Africa and as number three in the Arab region. It ranks as the 149th country out of 189 economies measured in Doing Business 2014.

Regulatory Framework

Ministry of Investment

The Ministry of Investment is responsible for making strategies, goals, policies and programs to improve and encourage local and foreign investments in Sudan.

It is made up of following departments;

  • General administration for projects and information
  • General administration for promotion and investor services
  • General administration for coordination and monitoring
  • General administration of financial and administrative affairs

Commercial companies’ law

This law has been modified over and over again. It represents the legislative framework for operating a company in Sudan. The law gives equal rights to local and foreign companies.

Investment Encouragement Regulations, 2000

Investment Encouragement Regulations provide guarantees, procedures for Capital and foreign financing and for applying for an investment license.

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