Transport Sector

Transport in Somalia is an arduous task. It is underdeveloped and in many sectors very primitive. There is scope for a lot of improvement. There are no railways in Somalia; internal transportation is by truck and bus. The national road system nominally comprises 22,100 kilometers of roads that include about 2,600 km of all-weather roads, although most roads have received little maintenance for years and have seriously deteriorated. Somalia’s major and largest airport is the international airport of Aden Adde (formerly known as Mogadishu International Airport).

Regulatory Framework

Ministry of Transport

The ministry of transport oversees the transport sector in Somalia

Somali Civil Aviation Authority (SOMCAA)

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority (SOMCAA) is Somalia’s national civil aviation authority body overseeing air transport in the country.

Transport sector has been summarised to include the following

Transport Sector Profile

Road Transport

Water Transport

Air Transport