Real Estate Sector

Somalia’s real estate sector is one of the growing sectors in the economy considering the fact that the country is has been facing a challenge of civil wars since 1991. There are few apartments and residential houses constructed especially in Mogadishu

Regulatory framework

Somali Ministry of Public Works and Housing
The Ministry is responsibility for formulating policy and regulations on public infrastructure and urban management, providing technical assistance to national and local governments, supervising the construction of public buildings and infrastructure

Constitution of Somalia
The constitution states that, land is Somalia’s primary resource and the basis of the people’s livelihood. Land is held, used and managed in an equitable, efficient, productive and sustainable manner

Constitution of Somaliland
The constitution was approved in a referendum held on May 31, 2001 when 97% of the voters voted in its favour. The constitution is the fundamental law of the country, reflecting the underlying and unifying value of society. It spells out the basic rights of each person and serves as a framework for all other laws and policies

Puntland Constitution
The Constitution of the State of Puntland is the governing document and legal framework for the Puntland State of Somalia. It is the supreme law documenting the duties, powers, structure and function of the government of Puntland and it was adopted on the 18 April 2012, is Puntland state’s first and only permanent constitution.

The Real Estate Sector of Somalia has been summarized to include the following

Real Estate Sector profile
Office Space Sector
Land in Somalia
Key Players in Real Estate Sector
Investment Opportunities in Real Estate Sector
Hotels, Lodges, Motels and Apartment Accommodation in Somalia