Health Sector

Health sector in Somalia is improving due to some positive developments in the recent years especially in regions where relative peace and security prevailed. For instance about 30 hospitals,73 mother and child health centres (MCH) and 132 health posts have been opened with the help of foreign donors and non government organisations like Medicins San Frontieres of France

Regulatory Framework

Ministry of Health
Ministry of Health licenses and regulates all healthcare establishments such as hospitals, nursing homes, and clinical laboratories, medical and dental clinics.

Somali National Medicines Policy
Somali National Medicines Policy is a guide for action by the Ministry of Health responsible for the development of the pharmaceutical centres

Goal of the National Medicines Policy
The goal of the National Medicines Policy (NMP) is to use available resources to develop pharmaceutical services to meet the requirements of the entire population in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases using efficacious, quality, safe and cost-effective essential medicines and medical supplies

Health objectives

  • To ensure that the quality of medicines imported into the country meet internationally accepted quality standards
  • To ensure the continuous availability of safe and effective medicines to all segments of the population
  • To promote rational use of medicines through sound prescribing, good dispensing practices, and appropriate usage through provision of the necessary training, education and information
  • To promote the concept of individual responsibility for health, preventive care and informed decision making

National Pharmacy Regulatory Authority (NPRA)
National Pharmacy Regulatory Authority (NPRA) was established through an act of parliament to regulate the Practice of Pharmacy and the Manufacture and Trade in essential medicines

Health Sector Profile
Specialized Facilities
Health/Medical Training Institutions
Infectious Diseases Control
Investment Opportunities in Health Sector