Rwanda Manufacturing Association

Rwanda Manufacturing Association

Rwanda Manufacturing Association is an organization focused on enhancing business opportunities and environment for Rwandan manufacturers.

Historical Background

It was on 10th December, 1990, that the Association initially began as the “Association des Industriels du Rwanda” (AIR) with a nucleus group of only 20 members. Until 1994 AIR was well established with a fully functional office, but it lost momentum after 1994 with the departure of key personnel. As the years followed, several futile attempts were made to revive the Association as it also continued with a strong inclination towards the private sector. However, in early 2013, with efforts of the Chamber of Industry and Private Sector Federation, the Association was eventually revived.

Services offered by Rwanda Manufacturing Association

  • RAM serves and acts as a central point of reference for government, and other stakeholders, who seek views and reactions of manufacturers on matters of socio-economic importance;
  • Offers advice, consultant feedback and, where necessary, creates linkages with different issues of concern to Government and other bodies on matters that affect its members;
  • Encourages the adoption, implementation, and use of new technological processes and program for improved and sustainable services;
  • Create forums between vendors, services and service-users, clients in education, communication as required, and information where necessary;
  • Initiates and promotes cooperation between manufacturers, their clients and customers, and independent users;
  • Keeps members regularly updated on issues of significant relevance such as production standards, environmental regulations, and international trade;
  • Works proactively to improve the profitability and competitiveness of members, associations, and all other stakeholders involved;
  • Represents and advises the interests of members and associations interests at all levels on the legislative and regulatory process;
  • Offers communication related to public relations;
  • Initiates and promotes market opportunities;
  • Innovatively promotes technology transfer.