Investment climate of Niger

Niger is eager to attract foreign investment and has taken steps to improve the business climate. The Government of Niger (GON) has made revisions to the investment code in order to make petroleum and mining exploration and production more attractive to foreign investors.

The GON will need more investment from the private sector and from international financial institutions to bring the nation’s infrastructure up to the standard necessary to maintain economic growth.

The GON actively seeks foreign investment to help underwrite the development of its rich mineral and hydrocarbon resources. The GON has signed agreements with several mining companies to prospect for gold and other precious metals in the Tillabery and Maradi regions.

Regulatory Framework

The National Council of Private Investors (CNIP)

The National Council of Private Investors (CNIP) was established by Decree No. 2007-388 / PM of 14 September 2007 as a body for consultation and consultation whose purpose is to stimulate private investment in the country

CNIP advises and assists the government in the promotion of the private sector, especially with regard to support for investment.

It is also responsible for identifying all barriers and regulatory, legal and institutional promotion of private investment constraints and submits to government measures to contain them.

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Development partners of Niger

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Investment Authority of Niger

Investment opportunities in Niger

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Natural resources of Niger

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Shipping Status

Niger Stock Exchange

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