Investment climate of Mauritania

Mauritania is open to direct investment. The country has adopted an open-economy policy. The private sector is greatly boosted in Mauritania.

Mauritania ranks 173189 out of 189 countries on ‘Ease of Doing Business.’

Mauritania has attractive potential natural resources in the fishing, mining and hydrocarbon industries.

Mauritania has adopted the through the development of the private sector in the different sectors (mining, hydrocarbons, agriculture/livestock, tourism, fisheries). The private sector is considered the motor for the economy growth and poverty reduction.

Regulatory Framework

Commissariat of the Investment Promotion of Mauritania

The Commissariat of the Investment Promotion of Mauritania is responsible for promoting the country’s investment potential at all platforms both worldwide and locally.

Mauritania Investment code

The Investment Code provides guidelines that ought to be followed by both foreign and local investors.

Information about investment climate in Mauritania has been summarized to include the following;


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