Attractions of Mauritania

Terjit is a small village with a lush green oasis, hot springs and mountains sandwiched between Mauritánidas. It is located about 460 kilometres from Nouakchott. Dates can be found growing on the palm trees in the area.

Chinguetti Mosque
Chinguetti Mosque is a mosque built in the thirteenth or fourteenth century by the founders of the oasis city of Chinguetti found in Chinguetti about 525 kilometres from Nouakchott. It was built from unmortared stone and it has a square-based minaret capped by five clay ostrich egg finials. It is considered the national emblem of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. Along with the city itself, Chinguetti Mosque continues to be threatened by intense desertification resulting into flash flooding and erosion.

Richat Structure
Richat Structure is a prominent circular feature found in Ouadane about 617 kilometres from Nouakchott. The structure forms a conspicuous bull’s-eye with a diameter of almost 50 kilometers in the otherwise rather featureless expanse of the desert. It is thought to be a symmetrical uplift that has been laid bare by erosion though in the past, it was interpreted as a meteorite impact structure because of its high degree of circularity.

National Museum of Mauritania
The National Museum (Musee National du Nouakchott) is located in Nouakchott about half a kilometer from the city centre. The museum has all sorts of ancient objects which belonged to the Mauritanian population a long time ago

Parc National du Banc d’Arguin
Parc National du Banc d’Arguin is the national park of Mauritania located 282 kilometres from Nouakchott. It is recognized as one of the world’s largest concentration of migratory birds, which include pelicans, terns, flamingos, and broad-billed sand pipers. There are also different species of fox, gazelle, killer whales, dolphins, monk seals, and turtles.

Ouadane is an ancient city of travelers northwest of Mauritania on the Adrar Plateau, 617 kilometres from Nouakchott. There are piles of stone and rubble in Ouadane, a reminder of its glorious past. Around the 1480s, a Portuguese trading post was established here, serving as the last stop of slave and gold caravans from Morocco and Ghana.

Kediet ej Jill
Kediet ej Jill is highest mountain in Mauritania at 915 metres located near Zouérate, Adrar 608 kilometres from Nouakchott. The whole mountain consists of magnetite and has bluish color. The area around the mountain has strong magnetic field.

Ben Amera
Ben Amera is the second largest monolith in the world. It is found close to the border with Western Sahara 425 kilometres from Nouakchott.

Aicha monolith
Aicha is a monolith about 433 kilometres from Nouakchott and 8 kilometres from Ben Amera. It is a pyramidal, dark grey mountain, rising from the surrounding desert.

Nouadhibou port
Nouadhibou is the world’s largest ship graveyard with more than 300 rusting ships located 319 kilometres from Nouakchott on Ras Nouadhibou, 40-mile peninsula.

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