Investment climate of Mali

The government of Mali has committed to transforming the country’s business climate by boosting local and foreign investment.

In partnership with the World Bank Group Investment Climate team, the government has implemented a number of key business reforms that are beginning to save time and costs, positioning Mali as an attractive investment destination.

Foreign investors can own 100 percent of any businesses they create. They can also purchase shares in parastatal companies being privatized or in other local companies. Foreign companies may also start joint-venture operations with Malian enterprises.

Regulatory Framework

Investment Promotion Agency of Mali (API-MALI)

API-Mali provides investors with key information for each sector of activity as required by law for starting a business in Mali.

Information about Investment climate in Mali has been summarized to include the following;

Development partners of Mali
Double Taxation Treaties in Mali
Exports of Mali
International Trade Agreements with Mali
Investment Authority of Mali
Investment incentives in Mali
Investment Guarantees in Mali
Investment Opportunities in Mali
Natural resources of Mali
Trading partners of Mali
Mali Stock Exchange

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