Investment climate of Madagascar

Government of Madagascar (GOM) welcomes foreign investment in order to contribute to the country’s development. However, political turmoil, weakness in the judicial system and the banking sector, the high cost and low quality of electric power, a lack of transparency in decision-making, limited road, rail and port infrastructure and the high cost of air transport make investing in Madagascar a challenge.

According to the Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM), few foreign investors showed investment interest in 2012 and the country is still encouraging more to come and invest.

There is no requirement restricting the mobility of foreign investors. The regime for visas, residence, and work permits is neither discriminatory nor excessively onerous. Since the creation of the EDBM, processing of residence and work permits has been streamlined.

Regulatory Framework

Immeuble EDBM, Avenue Gal Gabriel Ramanantsoa

Responsible forstrengthening the national private sector competitiveness, increase the foreign direct investments by promoting Madagascar as a destination for investments, elaborate and recommend incentive measures to boost investments in Madagascarand assist investors in implementing their projects.

Investment Climate in Madagascar has been summarized to include the following

Development partners of Madagascar
Double taxation Treaties in Madagascar
Exports of Madagascar
International Trade Agreements with Madagascar
Investment Authority of Madagascar
Investment guarantees in Madagascar
Investment incentives in Madagascar
Investment opportunities in Madagascar
Natural resources of Madagascar
Trading partners of Madagascar

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