Investment Incentives in Ivory Coast

General Incentives
• Regional incentives – There are no specific regional incentives. However, the Investment Code provides a longer exemption period (eight years) when the investment site is located outside the region of the economic capital, Abidjan.
Tax Incentives
• Certain tax incentives are available to all qualifying enterprises in Côte d’Ivoire. Enterprises may apply for a reduction in the tax on industrial and commercial profits (CIT). For the reduction to be granted, the amount invested in Côte d’Ivoire should be at least XOF10 million for an investment period not exceeding three years. Côte d’Ivoire also offers a favourable accelerated depreciation regime.
• Plant, machinery and equipment that are used exclusively in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation or storage and that have an expected life of more than five years, may be granted capital allowances at up to twice the normal rates. Enterprises investing at least XOF10 million may apply for a reduction in the tax on industrial and commercial profits.
• Tax incentives are granted under the Mining Code and the Petroleum Code for enterprises involved in mining and petroleum activities. These Codes provide exemption from VAT and additional tax on imports and purchases to companies involved in exploration or production of oil, gas or minerals. The tax exemption applies to transactions or purchases directly and exclusively assigned to petroleum or mining activities. The Code also provides specific rules concerning calculation of corporate income for tax purposes. Exemption of VAT and additional tax on imports and purchases accorded to Oil & Gas companies are extended to their subcontractors providing petroleum-specific services.
Enterprises involved in mining operations are exempt of employer tax on payroll during the exploration period. They are also granted a five-year exemption from CIT. The starting year of this exemption is the fiscal year of the effective start of production.
• Other incentives include a five to 8-year exemption from the tax on industrial or commercial profits, business licence duty, property tax and import tax, depending on the location of the investment. Special tax incentives may be granted to enterprises involved in mining (a 5-year tax exemption) petroleum and certain construction activities.
Export Incentives
• Export incentives and Free Trade Zones – Exemption from VAT is allowed on exported products or services.



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