Investment climate in Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau has a mixed economic system which mainly depends on farming and fishing. The government of Guinea Bissau has contributed to the growth in investment by introducing different incentives.

Guinea-Bissau’s newly established one-stop shop, Center for the Formalization of Enterprises, or CFE is rapidly changing the way business is done in Guinea-Bissau.

Business in Guinea-Bissau is based on market economy. Private investors and foreign investments are exposed to the direct competition in the market. Business proprietors of individuals or a group of business partners are protected by law

Regulatory Framework

Guinea Bissau Investment Agency

Guinea-Bissau Investment was established by private initiative with a main objective to promote and intercede in the field of investments in Guinea-Bissau.

Functions of the agency

  • Provide information on investing in Guinea-Bissau
  • Assistance in the identification of investment opportunities
  • Assisting investors in seeking joint venture partners and funding

Investment Climate in Guinea Bissau has been summarized to include the following

Development Partners of Guinea Bissau

Double Taxation Treaties in Guinea Bissau

Exports of Guinea Bissau

International Trade agreements with Guinea Bissau

Investment Authority of Guinea Bissau

Investment Guarantees in Guinea Bissau

Investment Incentives in Guinea Bissau

Investment opportunities in Guinea Bissau

Natural resources of Guinea Bissau

Trading partners of Guinea Bissau

Vision of Guinea-Bissau 2025

BRVM Regional Stock Exchange

Shipping Status

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