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Bissau City

Bissau City


Bissau is the capital city of Guinea-Bissau. The city’s borders are the same as the BissauAutonomous Sector. The city which is located on the Geba River estuary off the Atlantic Ocean is the country’s largest city, major port and its administrative and military centre.

History of the City

The city was founded in 1687 by Portugal as a port and trading center. In 1942 it became the capital of Portuguese Guinea. After the declaration of independence by the anti-colonial guerrillas of PAIGC in 1973, the capital of the de facto independent territories was declared to be Madina do Boe, but Bissau remained as the capital of the Portuguese-occupied regions and the de jure capital of all of Portuguese Guinea. The city is known for its annual carnival.

The city as the seat of government was the scene of intense fighting during the beginning and end of the Guinea-Bissau Civil War in 1998 and 1999.


Bissau City covers an area of 77 km2 with an estimated population of over 407,424 people.

Mayor of Bissau City

Juvencio Gomes

Transport system

The transport system used in Bissau includes; Shared Taxis, Minibus, Buses, Ferriesthat operate between Bissau and Bubaque are available on hand.

Attractions in Bissau

The following are major tourist attractions of Bissau City

  • River Zoo Farm
  • Fortaleza d’Amura
  • Guinea-Bissau National Arts institute
  • Bissau New Stadium
  • Museum of African Artifacts