Investment climate of Guinea

Guinea constitutes a small, underdeveloped market that remains heavily reliant upon revenue from customs, mining companies and international aid. Since Guinea’s independence in 1958, the country has been ruled by a succession of military strong-men, each of whom has severely weakened an already fragile economy. The investment in the country is still low.

Guinea not only holds two-thirds of the world’s bauxite deposits and the largest undeveloped iron ore deposit in the world, but it also has a range of other minerals and great potential in other areas such as agriculture, infrastructure and carbon finance and all these needs investment.

Regulatory Framework

Investment Promotion Authority of Guinea

The Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) was set up in 1992 to promote and facilitate investment in Guinea. The IPA Act provides not only for promotion of investment but also for certification of Foreign Direct Investment in Guinea.

Functions of Investment Promotion Authority

  • To provide information to investors in the country and overseas
  • To encourage and facilitate investment in the country by assisting investors to obtain all necessary licences, compliances and approvals
  • To facilitate the introduction of citizen and foreign investors to each other and to activities and investments of mutual benefit
  • To provide a system of certification of a foreign enterprise and to require that a foreign enterprise may only carry on business if so certified
  • To monitor the activities of foreign enterprises so as to determine whether or not a foreign enterprise is certified and complies with the terms and conditions of its certificate to carry on business in the country
  • To advise the Minister (for Trade and Industry) on policy issues which relate to the Investment Promotion Act
  • To maintain a register of foreign investment opportunities
  • To facilitate citizen participation in investment and in the ownership of national and foreign enterprises
  • To carry out other functions as given to the Investment Promotion Authority
  • To generally do whatever is necessary or convenient for the carrying out of its functions

Guinea’s Investment Code of 1987

Guarantees the right of all individuals to undertake any economic activity in accordance with current laws and regulations

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