Investment Climate

Gabon is open and actively encouraging investment across a range of sectors. Foreign firms are active in the country’s three main sources of income and exports: petroleum, manganese and timber. The Gabonese Government is taking a more pro-active role to ensure transparency within these extractive industries through the creation of public-private partnerships and revised mining and oil codes.

Gabon is actively working to improve its investment and business climate but several factors continue to constrain foreign investment in the non-extractive industries. These include a small domestic market, high production costs, a rigid labour market, limited and poor infrastructure

Gabon is affiliated to the Organisation for Business Law Harmonisation in Africa (OHADA). Legislation allows foreign investors to choose freely from a wide selection of legal business structures, such as a private limited liability company or public limited liability company.

Regulatory Framework

Agence de Promotion des Investissements Privés (APIP)

Agence de Promotion des Investissements Privés (APIP) registers the company statutes with the Ministry of Finance (Administration de Domaines). The mandate of APIP is to to promote Gabon’s many investment opportunities, attract and support the growth of investments in the country

Investment Climate in Gabon has been summarized to include the following;

Double taxation treaties in Gabon

Development partners of Gabon

Exports of Gabon

Investment Authority of Gabon

International Trade Agreements with Gabon

Investment Incentives in Gabon

Investment Guarantees in Gabon

Investment opportunities in Gabon

Natural Resources of Gabon

Trading partners of Gabon

Libreville Shipping Status

Gabon Stock Exchange


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