Economy of Gabon

Gross Domestic Product 2012
GDP (purchasing power parity): $26.71 billion
Real growth rate: 6.10%
GDP per capita (PPP): $17,300

GDP composition by sector
Agriculture: 4.2%
Industry: 53.7%
Services: 42%
Inflation: 2.7%

Currency: CFA Franc

Business Languages
The commercial languages include the following

The key means of transport in Gabon include; Railways 936 kilometres, road network comprised 8,454 kilometres, Gabon has 1,600 kilometres of perennially navigable waterways and over 54 Air transport in the country.

The main sources of energy in Gabon include oil, biomass, petroleum and hydropower. The country is the fourth-largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa with 217,000 barrels per day and with petroleum reserves about 2,500 million barrels and Hydropower which accounts for 76% of Gabon’s electric power output.

Challenges in Gabon
Poor infrastructures in the country
Water supply problems in the Gabonese capital Libreville
Forests are also facing pressure due to the granting of permits for oil and mining exploration and extraction in protected areas
There is a lack of information available about the country
Problems of deforestation and pollution

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