Famous ancestral artifacts

The rock art of South OranAlgeriaOran, 413.6 km East of AlgiersThese are prehistoric engravings of Neolithic age in South of Oran Province, in the Saharan Atlas Mountains, in the regions (from west to east) of Figuig (Morocco), Ain Sefra, El-Bayadh, Aflou and Tiaret.
The Python CaveBotswanaTsodilo, 1,152 km North West of GaboroneThis was a ritual cave on the north side of the Tsodilo Hills. It is believed that the ancestors here engaged in these rituals about 70,000 years – 30,000 years ago earlier than the oldest finds in Europe.
Laas GaalSomaliaSool, 997 km North East of MogadishuIt is a complex of caves and rock shelters in Northwestern Somalia that contain some of the earliest known rock art in the Horn of Africa and the African continent in general. The paintings are estimated to be between 11,000 and 5,000 years old.
Tadrart AcacusLibya(24°50′N 10°20′E)These form a mountain range in the Sahara desert of western Libya. These paintings date from 12,000 BC to 100AD. The paintings reflect the changing environment of the Sahara desert which used to have much wetter climate.
Twyfelfontein Rock PaintsNamibiaTwyfelfontein, 433 km North West of WindhoekThe smooth sandstone sheets and rock shelters were the canvases for communication with the gods and fellow groups, and their lofty homes were cathedrals of prayer.
Wildebeest KuilSouth AfricaNorthern Cape, 776.1 km North East from Cape TownThere are more than 400 rock engravings spread over a small sacred hill. Chipped out of the hard rock, using a pointed stone, they are believed to have been made by the /Xam people, the ancestors of the San, somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 years ago.
Rock Art of Singida and Lake Eyasi BasinTanzaniaSingida, 186.9 km West from DodomaThe majority of these paintings are found in Kondoa and are easily accessible and perhaps the most dramatic because they are frequently painted on impressive rock faces. These paintings were first reported as long ago as 1908.
Mwela Rock PaintingsZambiaKasama, 856 km North East from LusakaThis region has more rock paintings (over 200 rock paintings sites recorded) than any other region of Zambia.
Nsalu CaveZambiaSerenje, 519 km North East from LusakaThese painting are thought to be at least 20,000 years old. These particular paintings, instead of stick figures and animals, have abstract patterns, lines and outlines.
Nachikufu CaveZambiaMpika, 647 km North East from LusakaThis cave depicts some of the most interesting rock paintings in the country and is the site of a field museum exhibiting a fascinating sequence from the Stone Age in Northern Zambia some 18,000 years ago to the recent Iron Age.
CarthageTunisiaTunis, 16.5 km East from TunisThis city/building dates back to 814 BC when a number of Phoenicians settled there from the city of Tyre in Lebanon.
El DjemTunisiaMahdia, 204 km South from TunisIt is most famous for its amphitheatre, which was the largest in North Africa; it was constructed between 230 and 238 AD by Marcus Antonius Gordianus Sempronianus the proconsul of North Africa.
Thurburbo MaiusTunisiaZaghouan, 59 km South West from TunisIt dates back to 27 BC during the reign of the Roman emperor Augustus (27 BC- !$ AD) when it was founded on the site of a Punic settlement as a place for Roman military veterans on their retirement from the legion.


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