Investment Climate in Equatorial Guinea

Investing in Equatorial Guinea is a flexible and friendly process. Equatorial Guinea offers more flexibility to establish a business than other African countries because the government is deeply focused on the country’s development.

Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea is actively soliciting foreign investment, particularly from U.S. firms. The GREG is particularly interested in investment in agriculture and other industries that will help it diversify from the hydrocarbons sector on which the economy currently relies.

The government has recently proposed a national content law that would require a certain percentage of the workforce to be Equatoguinean. That law is still in the draft stage. In some sectors, investments must be part of public-private partnerships with a government entity.

In attempt to create a favourable investment climate, the government is supporting the promotion of non-traditional exports, allowing the repatriation of profits and offering various tax incentives.

The country has got various opportunities for investments more especially in agriculture, boil sector, forestry and fishing.

Regulatory Framework

Chamber of Commerce, Agricultural and Forestry

The Chamber is responsible overseeing the investment in the country.

Investment Climate in Equatorial Guinea has been summarized to include the following

Development partners of Equatorial Guinea

Double taxation treaties in Equatorial Guinea

Exports of Equatorial Guinea

International Trade Agreements with Equatorial Guinea

Investment Authority of Equatorial Guinea

Investment Guarantees in Equatorial Guinea

Investment Incentives in Equatorial Guinea

Investment Opportunities in Equatorial Guinea

Natural Resources of Equatorial Guinea

Trading Partners with Equatorial Guinea

BVMAC Regional Stock Exchange

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