Investment climate of Comoros

Comoros has a mixed economic system in which the economy includes a variety of private freedom, combined with centralized economic planning and government regulation.

The Comorian Government has made substantial efforts to improve the business climate, investment conditions and the entry of foreign investors.

Comoros is ranked 159th out of 183 countries in terms of ease of doing business, according to Doing Business 2011; 193rd out of 202 jurisdictions in terms of quality of legislation based on the governance indicators of the World Bank and 172nd out of 179 countries in economic freedom, according to Heritage Foundation

Regulatory Framework

Comoros National Investment Promotion Agency

L’Agence Nationale pour la Promotion des Investisements (ANPI), Comoros’ Investment Promotion Agency is the main institution in charge of promoting investment and liaising with international investors interested in Comoros.

The agency was established as a result of the adoption of the Investment Code of 2007 and came into existence in December 2008 under the authority of the new government department in charge of investments. The Comoros Investment Promotion Agency was created to operate under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of Investments.

Investment code 2007

It provides investors with a conducive legal framework, the free movement of capital and profits and equal rights for foreign and national investors. The Investment Code provides for:

  • Tax exemption on profits and on single tax for the first fiscal years
  • Exemption of transfer tax on the purchase of land or buildings
  • Exemption of turnover tax and consumption tax for building materials and equipment
  • Exemption of consumption tax for imported raw materials;

Information about Investment climate in Comoros has been summarized as follows;

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Shipping Status

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