Investment Climate in Chad

The investment climate of Chad is still challenging due to limited infrastructure, a lack of trained workers, extensive government bureaucracy and corruption. The country ranks 189 out of 189 countries on ‘Ease of Doing Business.’ Chad relies on foreign assistance and foreign capital for most public and private sector investment projects. Remittances are also an important source of income.

However, the government of Chad is determined to promote investment in agriculture which is the country’s major sector. A Rural Development Forum has been hosted towards this cause.

Regulatory Framework

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce in Chad is responsible for industries, agriculture, mining and artisans of Chad.

Investment Climate in Chad has been summarized to include the following;

Double Taxation Treaties of Chad
Exports of Chad
International Trade Agreements with Chad
Investment Guarantees in Chad
Investment Incentives in Chad
Investment Opportunities in Chad
Natural Resources of Chad
Trading Partners of Chad
Chad Stock Exchange

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