Investment climate in Cape Verde

The government of Cape Verde (GOCV) looks to private investment as the engine for the country’s future economic growth, with a focus on export-oriented industries, tourism, transportation services and attraction of foreign investment.

Significant effort has been made over the past ten years to promote a market-oriented economic model. Policies have been endorsed and supported by the World Bank, IMF, United States and many other donors.

Cape Verde was the first country to successfully conclude its MCC Compact. Compact funds have been used to improve the country’s investment climate and reform the financial sector; improve infrastructure to support increased economic activity and provide access to markets, employment, and social services; and increase agricultural productivity and raise the income of the rural population as well as carry out key policy reforms needed for sustained economic growth.

The Cape Verdean government has been consistently improving the conditions for foreign investment, promoting a transparent and competitive economic environment.

Regulatory Framework

Cabo Verde Investimentos

Cabo Verde Investimentos is a government-controlled body, formed with the aim to promote Cape Verde’s tourism, investment and export potential to foreign investors and also acts as an agent between the Government and potential investors dealing with enquiries and foreign investment applications. ‘Cabo Verde Investimentos’ was formed in early October 2004 and will take over from Promex the ‘Center for Tourism Promotion, Investment & Exports’.

Investment Climate in Cape Verde has been summarized to include the following

Development Partners of Cape Verde

Double taxation Treaties of Cape Verde

Exports of Cape Verde

International Trade Agreements with Cape Verde

Investment Authority of Cape Verde

Investment Guarantees in Cape Verde

Investment Incentives in Cape Verde

Investment Opportunities in Cape Verde

Natural Resources of Cape Verde

Trading Partners of Cape Verde

Cape Verde Stock Exchange

Shipping Status


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