Investment Climate

The Government of Cameroon (GRC) actively seeks to attract investment in order to create much-needed economic growth and employment. The country has trying to follow through with interested investors in order to ensure that investments move forward in a timely manner.

Since 2012, numerous trade delegations have visited Cameroon exploring investment opportunities, including delegations from China, Singapore, India, Thailand, Brazil and Turkey.

China is emerging as Cameroon’s largest foreign investor with significant activities in the areas of infrastructure, extractive industries and energy.

Amongst African investors, Nigeria and Morocco are present in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, oil and gas distribution, utilities (water) and financial services.

Cameroon contributed largely to the economics of Africa during global recession. This country has done a great job during recession and grew positively.

This is the second fastest growing African country and the economic of this country is estimated be up to 6% in the coming years.

Regulatory Framework

Cameroon Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA)

The Cameroon Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) is the technical supervisory authority of the Ministry in charge of the Promotion of Private Investments and the financial supervisory authority of the Ministry of Finance.


CIPA’S mission is to contribute to the development and implementation of government policy in the field of investments promotion in Cameroon. Its responsibilities include:

  • Promoting the image of Cameroon abroad
  • Participating in the improvement of an enabling environment for investments in Cameroon
  • Proposing measures to attract investors in Cameroon as well as improving the implementation of sectoral codes
  • Establishing a database of projects for potential investors

National Law on investment

The national law seeks to present in one piece legislation the basic provisions on investment in Cameroon. The purpose of such a law is to promote and facilitate investment through a wide range of protective guarantees and other incentives to investors.

Investment Climate in Cameroon has been summarized to include the following;

Investment Authority of Cameroon
Investment Guarantees in Cameroon
Investment Incentives in Cameroon
Investment Opportunities in Cameroon
Natural Resources of Cameroon
Development Partners of Cameroon
Double Taxation Treaties in Cameroon
Exports of Cameroon
International Trade Agreements with Cameroon
Trading partners of Cameroon
Douala Stock Exchange
Shipping Status


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