Public Sector

The public sector refers to the production, delivery and allocation of goods and services by and for the government or its citizens, whether at central or local government level. The public sector covers all government ministries and agencies of government.

The Legal and Regulatory Frameworks of Public Sector
The legal and regulatory framework used by the Public Sector to initiate and implement infrastructure development and service delivery is covered   under the following Acts:

Burundi Constitution
The Constitution is the supreme law of Burundi. The present constitution was adopted on 28th February 2005. It is Burundi’s third constitution since the country’s independence from Belgium on 1st July 1962.

Importance’s of the Constitution

  • The primary function of a constitution is to lay out the basic structure of the government according to which the people are to be governed
  • The constitution of a country not only defines the powers allotted to each of the three main organs, but it also significantly makes a clear demarcation of the responsibilities assigned to each of them
  • Since the country’s constitution stands superior to all the laws framed within the territorial precincts of the country, any law enacted by the ruling government has to be in conformity with the concerned constitution
  • The constitution does not simply provide a recipe for an efficient government, but also deals with limitations on power
  • The constitution of a particular country lays down the national goals which form the basic edifice on which the nation rests upon.

Local Government Act 2005

The local government Act of Burundi 2005 amended in 2010 contains law on local governments in line with the constitution of the Republic of Burundi as regards decentralization of local governments.

Government of Burundi Land Code 2011

Access to land in Burundi is regulated by the 2011 Land Code

The 2011 Land Code recognizes the legitimacy of land rights acquired and held under customary law and also specifies land in Burundi as state land, private land and customary land.

The Public Sector of Burundi has been summarized to include the following

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