Investment Opportunities in Agricultural Sector

The agricultural sector in Burundi provides several opportunities such as:

  • Vast plains of the very fertile imbos that is suitable to the modern agriculture
  • Rainfall for 9 months every year
  • Abundant network of rivers that can be tapped for irrigation
  • Possibility to harvest twice a year for an output of more than 10 tons per ha (rice and cereals)
  • Opportunities to leverage modern equine for intensive or extensive breeding
  • Animal production lines, livestock, dairy processing, production of organic manure are opportunities
  • Several regions are adequate for fish farming
  • Lake Tanganyika is an ecosystem that can allow for an industrial fishing.
    Burundi offers excellent opportunities for the development of farming cooperatives and community on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.
  • Fish farming is accessible to new investors looking for new opportunities.
  • Abundant labor force
  • Potential reclaimable land including swamps in certain regions
  • Adequate soil fertility in many regions
  • Building of modern processing factories to promote production agricultural sector
  • The country has a good climate that is suitable for production of rice, cotton, tea, coffee, food crops, fruits, vegetable