Animals and Fisheries Sector

Animal and fisheries sector is one of the growing sectors contributing 10 % of GDP in Burundi. The animals are characterized into cattle, goats, pigs, sheep and poultry.

Regulatory framework

Ministry Of Agriculture and Livestock
The ministry among others is responsible for the design, planning, coordination, and implementation of national policy on agriculture and livestock, promotion and supervision of the exploitation of water, of fishing and fish farming products, in collaboration with other concerned ministries.

Department of Water, Fisheries, and Aquaculture
Fisheries affairs are vested with the Directorate of Water, Fishery and Fish Farming under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

Ministry Of Water, Environment, Land Management and Urban Planning
The Ministry of Water, Environment, Land Management and Urban Planning is empowered for everything that concerns the development and implementation of national policy in the field of water, environment, land management, and the urban sector.

It has the following objectives:

  • Promoting a coordinated management of the environment.
  • Sound management of land, water, forests, and air.
  • Preservation of ecological balance; and conservation of biodiversity.

Animals and Fisheries has been summarized to include the following

Animal and Fisheries Profile Burundi

Animals sub sector

Fisheries sub sector

Investment opportunities in Animals and fisheries sector