Investment Climate

Botswana presents an open environment towards foreign investment. Botswana’s ranking on the annual World Bank. Its score compared favourably to all other African countries except South Africa ranked 34 and Mauritius ranked 20.

Botswana remains one of the best credit risks in Africa and is on par with many countries in central Europe, East Asia and Latin America.

Botswana has enjoyed one of the fastest growth rates in per capita income in the world since independence, although it has slowed considerably due to the global economic downturn.

Botswana approached the economic crisis from a position of strength. Foreign exchange reserves were estimated to be a healthy $8.4 billion in October 2010, representing approximately 19 months’ cover of imports of goods and services. The IMF projects that real GDP growth will average about 6 percent over the medium term as diamond production gradually recovers to pre-crisis levels.

Botswana’s impressive economic record has been built on the foundation of using revenue generated from diamond mining to fuel economic development through prudent fiscal policies.

Regulatory Framework

The Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority (BEDIA)

The Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority (BEDIA) is an autonomous private sector led organisation mandated by an act of parliament (1997) to encourage, promote and facilitate the establishment of export-oriented enterprises and selected services which will result in economic diversification, rapid economic growth and creation of sustained employment opportunities.

The Authority is also entrusted with the task of identifying market outlets for locally manufactured products and construct factory building for setting up of manufacturing enterprises.

Roles/ Services

BEDIA is dedicated to providing support and services to both potential investors and existing industrialists by:

  • Identifying investment opportunities in the country
  • Providing investment advice
  • Identifying joint venture partners
  • Organizing visits and meetings between economic operators in the country and potential investors
  • Assisting in obtaining factory shells
  • Assisting in obtaining pre-investment clearances (work and residence permits, licences etc)
  • Providing both economic and trade statistics
  • Organizing both inward and outward investment missions to familiarize potential investors with the investment climate in the country
  • Organizing fairs, exhibitions and contact missions to market Botswana products.

Investment Climate in Botswana has been summarized to include the following;

Development partners of Botswana

Double Taxation Treaties in Botswana

Exports of Botswana

International Trade Agreements of Botswana

Investment Authority of Botswana

Investment guarantees in Botswana

Investment Incentives in Botswana

Investment opportunities in Botswana

Natural Resources of Botswana

Trading partners of Botswana

Botswana Stock exchange

Shipping Status

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