Investment climate in Benin

Benin provides profitable investment opportunities in agriculture, fishing, tourism, oil and gas and mining sectors, services, transport and infrastructure. The state promotes partnerships between potential foreign investors and Beninese traders.

The Benin government is working towards reducing bureaucracy in the trade and investment process. The country ranks 174 out of 189 economies in terms of “Ease of Doing Business”

Regulatory Framework

The Investment Promotion Centre

The Centre is responsible for the promotion of investments in Benin. Assistance is offered at all stages of investment projects. The Investment Promotion Centreprovides a facilitation centre for foreign investors.

Investment Code

The Benin Investment code provides for;

  • Equal treatment of companies, regardless of their legal status or nationality.
  • Tax concessions
  • Commercial freedom
  • Freedom of movement
  • Managerial freedom
  • Free transfer of capital (in the form of profits and value according to the legislation in force)
  • Assurance that the Government of Benin will take no action of nationalization or expropriation of investments

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